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Nigerian Singer, Tems Hints At Starting A Women’s Football Team

Temilade Openiyi, the famous Nigerian singer, who is popularly known as Tems, has announced plans to start a women football team.

The Grammy award winner talked about her love for sports on her YouTube podcast.

She said, “I love sports. I love sports, but if I could play football, I would. I’m like a football fan.

“I want to start a female football team. I think it is something that is needed. Like, why can’t we just have something like a local tournament with the girls? I feel like it would be fun.”

Tems also noted that the women’s football team would play in regional competitions since she thinks it would help the Nigerian women’s league a lot.

Tems rose to fame in 2020 when she and Wizkid made the popular song ‘Essence’.

She went on to do a remix featuring popular musician Justin Bieber, which earned her a Grammy nomination.

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What I Look For in a Man – Tems

Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, also known as Tems has opened up on her ideal man.
She spoke during an interview on Korty EO’s YouTube show.
She emphasized the importance of humor, emotional intelligence, and spiritual maturity in a relationship, stating that these qualities are essential for her in a romantic partner.
“You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and spiritually adept. Just on that journey of your own,” Tems said.
Tems continued to share her doubts about the intentions of numerous men she meets. She stated that she frequently sees through their motives easily, making it difficult for her to believe in the genuineness of what they say.
In her words;
“The thing is I know their intentions, most of the times they have one intention, as most guys do [Laughs]. They are very obvious, so how can I even trust this conversation we are having it’s not even real, everything you say is fake.
I have thing I am looking for, You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and you have to be spiritually adept, inclined and mature. Just on that journey of your own. To boys that like me ‘show me’.”
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Why I Feel Honoured To Experience Prison – Tems

Temilade Openiyi, the Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, who is popularly known as Tems, has described her ordeal in Ugandan prison as a blessing in disguise.

According to the ‘Crazy Things’ crooner, she felt honoured to have experienced prison.

Tems explained that she wouldn’t have known what prisoners were going through if she hadn’t had the experience herself.

She emphasised that her prison experience humbled her.

“Prison was once in a lifetime experience that I actually feel honoured to have had because otherwise, I would never have thought about these people, and to be in their presence was very humbling,”
Tems told ES Magazine.

Recall that Tems and Omah Lay were arrested and charged to court and subsequently detained in prison in Uganda for making an appearance at a concert held in the country at Speke Resort, Kampala, on December 12, 2020, despite COVID-19 social distancing regulations.

They were eventually granted bail after two nights in jail.

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I Wear Baggy Clothes To Stop Prodcers From Hitting On Me – Tems

Nigerian singer, Tems has opened up on how she avoids distractions from producers when making music.

Despite having a magnificent body and physique, Tems stated that she almost lost confidence in her appearance due to distractions from producers when making music.

The Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer shared this revelation in a conversation with YouTuber and content creator Korty EO.

Tems explained that her dislike for her body stemmed from her focus on producing and releasing music, rather than a desire to be noticed for her physical appearance.

She revealed that her body posed a career hindrance, hence, she switched from wearing cute outfits to baggy ones to reduce attention from producers.

“I used to not always like my body. I just didn’t understand a lot of things. I was going to a lot of studios alone, meeting people I didn’t know and had never met. I’ll message people to ask them to teach me how to produce music for people”.

“So, because of my objective which is just wanting to make music, if my being attractive is disturbing you and stopping me from achieving my goal, I am going to help you. So, when I go to the studio, I wear like baggy clothes and I’m in my alpha mode because I want you to not be seduced by me.”

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Tems Claims Nigerians Do Not Understand Her Music

Nigerian singer Tems has revealed that Nigerians don’t understand her kind of music.
She spoke in a recent interview.
Tems was asked about whether she feels appreciated by Nigerians and if they understand her music.
She responded by saying she doesn’t believe Nigerians fully understand her music but isn’t sure if they appreciate it. However, she does feel personally appreciated by Nigerians.

In her words: “Understand, no. I don’t know if they appreciate my music but I feel appreciated as a person by Nigerians.”
Reactions trailing Tems’ statement:
Techsavvyten stated: “irrefutable truth. Nigerians want gbedu all the time”
officialozor said: “I’m a big fan of Tems,I love her music”
Emmanuel said: “So basically she is not singing for us”
Ogbeni Olabode said: “As good as Tems is with her craft, i feel Nigerians relate more with Tiwa savage and Ayra star’s kind of music and it’s not because Tems is not good but because tiwa and Ayra star’s music has that afro vibes unlike tems’s..”
eyan wrote: “real af! some take on music is just CRAZY!”
machala of benin noted: “You nor go vex o. If the song nor make them dance. Them nor dey consider am hit o”
2legit2quit stated: “They only like to brag with the success her music brings internationally. Their music sense is accustomed to the likes of Portable and Shallipopi.”
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Lots Of Men Have No Agenda In Relationship Other Than S*x – Singer, Tems Declares

Temilade Openiyi, the world-famous, Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, who is popularly known as Tems, has shared her opinion about the agenda of most men when it comes to relationships.

According to her, a lot of men approach relationships with no agenda other than s*x.

The Oscar-nominated diva stated this in the teaser of the upcoming episode of ‘Flow with Korty.’

The host, Korty EO asked, “Have you been in love before?”

Tems replied, “A lot of guys, they are very obvious… There is no agenda but to penetrate.”

The ‘Essence’ crooner also opened up about being constantly misunderstood and bullied because of her reserved nature and how she handled it.

“Everything I did seemed to annoy everybody. They would say, ‘Why are you so slow? Why are you talking so slow? Talk like you are alive.’ And I would say, ‘You are very stupid. Are you crazy?’ I was upset all the time,” she said.

Tems added that she found solace in her musical talent.

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I Signed An NDA Before Working With Beyonce – Tems

Nigerian singer, Tems has revealed that before working with American singer, Beyonce, she was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Tems talked about her experience working with the global superstar on her 2022 album, “Reinassance” in an interview with the New York Times.

“My team just messaged me like, ‘Yo, first of all, I have to send you something to sign. I was losing my mind. Like, What?!” she told New York Times’ Culture Reporter Reggie Ugwu, expressing her excitement.

Tems disclosed in the interview that she received an NDA from her team, which she accepted upon receiving an invitation to work with Beyoncé in Los Angeles.

The single “Move,” which is featured on Beyoncé’s Grammy-nominated album “Renaissance,” is the outcome of Tems’ time in the studio with the singer.

In addition to Beyoncé, Tems has collaborated with other international celebrities such as Drake, Rihanna, and Future, who included both Drake and her on his Grammy-winning song “Wait For U.”

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How Illness, Surgery Delayed My Debut Album – Tems

Temilade Openiyi, the world-famous Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, who is popularly known as Tems, has revealed how a “serious illness” (she declined to specify) forced her to delay the release of her debut album.

Tems, who hit the global reckoning in 2020 after appearing on Wizkid’s summer hit ‘Essence,’ disclosed in a recent interview with the New York Times that her debut album was scheduled for release in 2021 but got postponed due to an illness that forced her into surgery and six months of recovery.

The Oscar-nominated diva explained that she released her sophomore extended play, ‘If Orange Was a Place’ instead.

Fighting her way back to health partly inspired her new music, which she said was about embracing life as a warrior.

“Being a warrior is about not giving up,”
she said. “Even if they cut your leg, you walk on your knees, you fight on your knees using what you have — and that’s good enough.”

Tems’ much-anticipated and long-awaited debut album, ‘Born In The Wild’ will arrive June 7.

She is also kicking off her first headline world tour in June.

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Tems Shares Photos, Recounts Leaving Corporate Job to Pursue Music Career

Tems has shared personal photos with her fans while revealing that she left her corporate job to pursue her music career.
She made the revelation on her X page.
It all started after a user on the app, @chinesegon, had posed a question to people who left 9-5 jobs to pursue their passions and how well it has worked out for them.
Tems responded to the tweet, sharing throwback photos of her working a 9-5 job back in 2017, while revealing that it worked because of her total trust in God.
Since leaving the job, Tems has become one of the most popular and sought after artistes, singing alongside American musicians like Drake and Rihanna.
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Win Big At The 2024 NAACP Image Awards With Tems, Davido, And Lojay

Leading Nigerian performers Davido, Tems, and Lojay won prizes at the 2024 NAACP Image Awards on Monday, March 11, which were streamed live online at

With “Me & U,” Tems earned the Outstanding International Song award.

After appearing on Chris Brown’s “Sensational,” which took home the Outstanding Duo, Group, or Collaboration (Contemporary) award, Davido and Lojay were added to the list of recipients.

At the 55th Image prizes, Chris Brown and Victoria Monét took home two prizes apiece, making them the largest winners.

For his successful song “Sensational,” which featured Davido and Lojay, Brown was awarded Outstanding Duo, Group, or Collaboration (Contemporary), and Outstanding Duo, Group, or Collaboration (Traditional), for his featured position in Ciara’s “How We Roll.”

With “Jaguar II,” Monét received awards for both excellent album and outstanding new artist.