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BBNaija All Stars: I Knew I’d Marry My Fiancee First Day I Met Her – Omashola

Evicted Big Brother Naija All Stars houseguest Omashola Oburoh, aka Sholzy has spoken about the love of his life.
He described his romance with his South African fiancée, Britnee, as love at first sight.
The 41-year-old said he knew he would marry Britnee the very moment he set his eyes on her.
Sholzy disclosed this in a recent interview with popular media personality Hero Daniels.
He said, “The very day I met my woman [fiancée], I told her I was gonna marry her. The first day I set my eyes on her, I said you’re gonna be my wife, you’re gonna have my kids, we’re gonna get married.
“I’m one person who believes in faith. I told God, ‘Please it’s time. I want to settle down. I have lived this life so much. It’s too fun now. I need to dilute it a little bit. I need a family.’
“I told God when you see the person just point it for me and he did. So that’s just it. When I saw her [my fiancée], I knew that we were going to get married.”
Recall that Omashola and his fiancée welcomed their first child together, a boy named Daniel, in February 2022.
The couple will have their wedding in Nigeria this December.
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BBNaija All Stars: CeeC Is Not Who People Think She Is, Says Omashola

Omashola Oburoh, the BBNaija guest housemate, who is also known as Sholzy, has talked about CeeC.

He provided an insightful analysis of CeeC’s personality, challenging the prevailing public perception of her.


He said CeeC’s true nature differs significantly from the image people have of her, stressing that the narrative about her outside the House doesn’t accurately represent her real, humorous, playful, and delightful character.

Sholzy shared these thoughts during his diary session, explaining why he chose CeeC as one of his best friends to share the HOH lounge with him.

He revealed that he conducted thorough research on the housemates before entering the show but has since realized that CeeC is a person who has been unfairly judged based on her outward appearance.

He said: “I picked CeeC because; I’ve not really met her in the past, right?! I have a different mindset about her from what I’ve heard outside.

“Of course when I knew I was coming here, I had to do a little bit of research about different housemates. And CeeC was one person I was really ‘worried’ about in terms of not having a connection. And you know Omashola, I don’t want people crossing my path because we’ll end up fighting.

“But she’s one person I was really. Really worried about it. But again, don’t judge a book by its cover. Since I’ve been in this house, she’s actually one person I’ve connected with conversation-wise, she’s playful; it’s; like two different persons.

“You know, it’s not like what I heard is what I’m seeing. We could communicate with people; we could literally communicate.

“So, I feel like, if I’m going to be up there, I want to be with people I could literally have fun and communicate with. And my communication is not like I want to sit down and have a therapy session with you, no! I’m a funny guy! I want to laugh, I want to have fun. I want you to be happy. I want people around me to be smiling. And since I stepped into this house, that’s what she’s been doing, smiling.”

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BBNaija All Stars: Sholzy Emerges New Head of House

Big Brother Naija All Stars guest, Sholzy is this week’s Head of House (HoH).
The guest housemate emerged winner after a ‘Ball Game of Luck.’
All housemates were instructed to bounce a ball in a rectangular shaped box.
At the end of the game, Sholzy won with a total of 22 balls
As Head of House, he is immune from eviction this week.
He also got to select four BFFs (friends for the week. He chose Ilebaye, Mercy WhiteMoney and Ceec.
Also, Adekunle picked the black envelope and is immune from eviction on Sunday.