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Rapper Ruggedman claims that many untalented people are hiding behind afrobeats.

The seasoned Nigerian rapper known as Ruggedman, Michael Ugochukwu Steven, has asserted that many “talentless people” are currently hiding behind the Afrobeats banner, calling the genre itself “for talentless people.”

“When you ask me what Afrobeats is, I would say Afrobeats is what a lot of talentless people hide behind,” Ruggedman said in an open interview with Chude Jideonwo. “They said, ‘Afrobeats to the world.’ I said, ‘No. It’s some artists to the world.’ It’s not the Afrobeats [genre], it’s some artists.”

Additionally, he disclosed that it hurts when people tell him on social media that his time as an artist has passed, “but what I said to myself is whoever he or she [the troll]