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The Murphy Afolabi I Knew Would Never Wish To Die Untimely – Kemi Afolabi Pens Heartfelt Note To Late Actor

Kemi Afolabi, the popular Yoruba actress, has penned a heartfelt eulogy to her late friend and colleague, Murphy Afolabi.

Recall that the late actor passed away on 14th May due to a domestic accident. He reportedly slipped in the bathroom of his house in Ikorodu, Lagos.She detailed their adventures and funny moments in a lengthy Instagram post, pointing out how they both supported each other’s movie careers.

She remarked that the deceased actor was a fervent supporter of her work and would consistently show up early for any of her appearances.

When he passed away, she admitted that his comments from her health challenge continued to ring in her ears, and she was unable to stop sobbing.

She recalled how he would frequently share with her how he had persuaded others to join him in praying for her.

She saluted him and praised him for being the all-time most attractive fashionista, actor, storyteller, producer, and director.

In her words: “I remember you “Omo baba mi” like we fondly call ourselves because we share the same surname even though we are from different states and not related by blood.”

“Murphy, I graced many of your productions as you did mine. we became friends because time proved to me that you have been a staunch admirer of my craft since I joined the industry.”

“Always on time to support me, post my works, and birthdays, celebrate with me and every positive news there is about me.”

“Your words during my health challenge kept echoing in my ears when you passed and I couldn’t stop crying, you would call and tell me :Omo baba mi, ko si iku loju e’ that you got some people on board praying especially for me, I could feel the fear in your voice then while you tried to encourage me.”

“The handsome, fashionista, self-confident, intentional, storyteller, Actor, producer & director of all times Murphy Afolabi that I know will never want to die untimely! so sad you bid the world goodbye too soon.”

“As a colleague, you were the first to ever call me excitedly back then to inform me that I had been nominated for an award in Canada, you made sure I submitted with everyone going on that trip, it is how you always try to carry me along in anything happening in the association for me.”

“Although we have our differences in some areas, that we couldn’t agree, you were a sweet soul who always found ways to mend problems that could cause distance or malice between us.”

“I am forever saddened that I will never get to see you in this life again, maybe in another life hopefully.”

“I am forever saddened that I will never get to see you in this life again, maybe in another life hopefully.”

“Till we meet to path no more Olawale, keep resting in your lord bossom.”