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It’s Time for Your Delusional Girl Era, Ladies!

Being a delusional girl means choosing to ignore facts and live in your own reality. When you reach your delusional stage, you believe that your wildest fantasies are not only possible, but also normal. Here’s why you should try it today!

Men do it, so why not?

Men are constantly told that they have “audacity,” which allows them to apply for jobs they aren’t qualified for and demand attention from women they don’t know. Why can’t we do the same?

Reality is hard

You’re a woman on Earth, so the odds are stacked against you. It’s over if you’re now poor or queer. Why then do you want to be trapped in this reality that constantly tries to frustrate you? Be delusory; escape into the part of your mind where everything works in your favor.

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It’s fun 

Sometimes, alter your reality for shits and giggles. If you say you’re a princess, who’s going to check you? 

What has being realistic done for you? 

In all the years you’ve been realistic, what have you achieved? What has the realism actually done? Try a new approach to life and watch everything change. 

Heal your inner child

When you were younger, you had a wider imagination and actually believed in the impossible. Entering your delusional girl era connects you to that part of yourself. It’ll heal your inner child. 

Extra motivation

If you’re convinced the universe exists simply to cater to your every need, and that everything works together for you, you’d be gingered to do the impossible. Why? Because the universe won’t let you down. 

Improve your mental health 

If you’re too busy altering your own reality, what time will you have to be depressed and anxious? The answer is none.