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“Chilling with his cum” — Mother introduces her child with an eyebrow-raising caption.

A young mother sparks outrage after introducing her newborn baby as “his cum” on social media.

Felicity Shiru

Felicity Shiru on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, set tongues wagging following an introduction she gave her baby which was termed insensitive by many.

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Chilling with his cum,” the young mother wrote while sharing the photo of her newborn baby on the internet.

Social media users trooped in numbers to her page to condemn the post as rather disturbing while others considered it to be a smooth line.

“This is the wildest mother and baby caption I’ve ever seen,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another user added, “So this woman just out of nowhere decides to insult and downgrade a child to ‘cum’ for a few clicks and no one sees a problem. You shld be ashamed and that young soul deserves a better mother.”

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