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Kissing An Actor With Bad Breath Was My Weirdest Movie Experience — Actress, Diva Gold Speaks

Olukemi Niyi-Aluko, a skit maker and actress, aka Diva Gold, has talked about her weirdest moments on set.

She said that kissing an actor with bad breath was her most unusual experience on a movie set.

She told Saturday Beats, “My weirdest experience on a movie set was when I had to kiss an actor. When I got close to him, my breath practically ceased. I wondered why such a fine actor would have bad breath. I was trying not to make the kiss serious, but he was still trying to open his mouth wide.”

Sharing her aspirations in the entertainment industry, the busty actress said, “I have a long list of celebrities I would love to feature in a skit. The first person on my list is Layi Wasabi. I also look forward to working with Biodun Stephen, Femi Adebayo; and American actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry. My vision is to take my creative endeavours on a global scale.”

Speaking on her deal breaker in relationships, Gold said, “I despise dishonesty and unfaithfulness. Infidelity and abuse have no place in healthy relationships. A lack of ambition and purpose in life can also be detrimental.”

She also advised women in toxic relationships, the skit maker said, “People who advise women to stay in abusive relationships are wicked and dangerous. No one should be in a relationship with an abusive partner; they should leave.”