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Burna Boy: “I came into the music industry straight from a UK prison.”

Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy, a Nigerian music star, has revealed some details about his life before becoming a household name. 

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the singer stated that he believed he had a limited life span.

I came into the Music industry straight from Chelmsford HMP. I had no idea I would even live this long,” his tweet read.

Chelmsford prison

He also spoke about his time in prison while living in the United Kingdom. 

Unbeknownst to many, the artist spent time in HM Prison Chelmsford before becoming a musician. 

Burna Boy, surprisingly, alluded to his prison experience in the song ‘Glory’ from his 2022 album, ‘Love, Damini.’ 

Burna Boy sings about getting into fights and getting injured in prison in the song, which features the South African male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

The lyrics went, “I remember when they shipped me from the cans To Chelmsford HMP and my celly had it bad.So I had to have his back, niggas started fightin’. Then they cut me on my hand. So I grabbed one from the back, and I flung him off the landing. You know the screws get extra ruthless when you’re Black.

‘‘Layin’ on my back, now the block’s feelin’ mad. Now I’m in a lab trying to do my best.”

Experience in a prison

The ‘Last Last’ crooner admitted in the tweet that becoming Nigeria’s biggest artiste is not his immediate goal. 

He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to do what he enjoys most while caring for his people. 

“Nigeria has never heard of me. I don’t care if I’m the most famous Nigerian artist; I’m just glad I can do what I love and provide for my people. 

If you knew half of the things I used to do for money, risking my freedom on a daily basis, you’d be much happier for me.

I came straight from Chelmsford HMP into the music industry. I never imagined I’d live this long. 

“Now it’s all just funny when people talk about me. “Of course, I’d perform with my injured leg, or even without legs or arms,” he wrote.

 Chelmsford Prison

Chelmsford HM Prison is a Category B men’s prison and Young Offenders Institution. 

It is situated in the English county of Essex, in Chelmsford. The prison is run by Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

It is both a youth prison and a local prison. In 1996, it was expanded. 

A Category B prison is used to house those who do not require maximum security but whose escape must be made extremely difficult.