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Singer, Joeboy Slams Men Who Ask Women About Their Body Count

Singer Joeboy has said it’s irrelevant to ask a woman her body count.
Body count means the number of people a person has slept with.
Speaking in an interview on ‘StandOutTV’, the 26-year-old entertainer insisted there was absolutely no way to verify the number of persons a woman claims to have slept with, reason why asking about her body count was inconsequential.
He said: “Asking a woman for her body count is kind of like irrelevant to be honest because, if you ask a lady for her body count and she tells you, ‘Oh! I’ve only been with three people, how’re you going to know for sure that she’s only been with three people? Are you about to go and start investigating her life?”
Explaining that an attempt to ascertain the body count of a woman had no correlation in being able to decipher if she loved you, the ‘Body & Soul’ singer added: “If you really want to know if somebody is into you, you’ll know. 
“You don’t need to ask about body count. You can tell the signs if you’re actually really observant. If this person is actually being serious with you or not, yeah!

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