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SHOCKING!! Nigerians React When Actress Nkechi Blessing Shares Dildos At Her Mother’s One-Year Remembrance (Watch Video).

Some less gifted actresses are being forced to act in surprising ways by the fight to stay relevant in the industry.

Nkechi Blessing is one of those actresses who lacks talent and has nothing particularly noteworthy to offer the industry, in my opinion. I do not find her to be talented in any way. 

She is so desperate that she will do anything to maintain her status and keep getting paid.

At her mother’s one-year memorial service yesterday, she was spotted sharing Dildo. 

Check out the video:

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Sadly, while engaging in all of this crap to remain relevant, she doesn’t actually make much more money than others who are talented. Sad reality! 

Now let’s get to you all. 

What do you think of the useless Nkechi blessing that was recited at the mother’s one-year memorial service? 

Now let’s hear from everyone. 

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