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Reasons Several Are Not Assisting Others – Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter, a well-known Nigerian comedian and content creator, has disclosed that people no longer support one another.

He gave an explanation for the current state of affairs.

Speaking on an Instagram page, Brain Jotter stated that certain people’s entitlement mentality is the cause.

To quote him:

Many people sincerely want to help a great number of people, yet many are deterred from doing so by their sense of entitlement. Increase your thankfulness!!!!!!

View comments from netizens below:

As stated by thechummay: “Help if you feel like it! Put an end to this poetry by William Shakespeare!

As said by ayzne_: “Exactly. We all have a stake in this.

Swan Falfa made the following suggestion: “Help without expecting gratitude; don’t let other people’s lack of gratitude deter you from helping.” If it’s something you truly enjoy doing, you wouldn’t ask for praise.

“Abeg shut up,” wrote patrick44340. Some of you act as though a sea of people are pleading with you for assistance, but some of you don’t even support your own mothers.

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