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Popular Kannywood Actor, Aminu Bono Is Dead

Aminu Bono, a popular Kannywood actor and director, has passed on.

The actor’s colleague, Babangida Bangis, revealed that Bono died on Monday evening.

Bangis said the filmmaker “collapsed” and was taken to the hospital where the doctors confirmed his death.

He further stated that the deceased would be buried on Tuesday according to Muslim rites.

Bangis said, “He was not sick. In fact, we were supposed to meet earlier today.

“After we spoke on the phone, I was later told that he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

“He was confirmed dead by doctors at the hospital”.

Ali Nuhu, another actor, also paid tributes to Bono in a post on his Instagram page.

He wrote, “May God have mercy on Aminu S Bono and make paradise your final abode.”

Bono has produced several movies including ‘Manyan Mata’, ‘Dan Gwamna’, ‘Nasamo Me Kahina’, ‘Alaqa’ and ‘Daukaka’.

Others are ‘Kawayen Amarya’, ‘Agola’, ‘Zamantakewa’, and ‘Na Hauwa’.

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