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Jurgen Klopp has expressed regret over Liverpool’s pre-season tour of Asia.

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has stated that he regrets his team’s pre-season tour of Asia, which they took to prepare for the current season.

In July 2022, they played Manchester United (losing 4-0 in Thailand) and Crystal Palace (winning 2-0 in Singapore) before jetting off to Germany to continue their preparations.

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Commenting on things he felt he could have done differently during a recent interview, Klopp stated that while he regrets the tour, he doesn’t think it’s why they’ve put a poor performance this season.

He said;

“Would I do anything different? I wouldn’t go in the first week to Asia. Not because Asia isn’t great, but I wouldn’t go [even] in the third week [of pre-season]. But it’s not really in our hands. Is that the reason [for our struggles]? I don’t think so, but it would have been better to do it differently. We learn from these things.”

When asked if the 64-game 2021-22 season has had an effect on the current campaign, Klopp said;

“It must have! We can say that now. But there was no book written about it, no data for it, because nobody did it before.”

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