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Joao Felix corrects reporter on how to pronounce his name

Chelsea football star, Joao Felix has revealed how to pronounce his name properly.

The Portuguese star who moved to Stamford Bridge in January on loan from Atletico Madrid, gave the correction during a press conference.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s crucial meeting with Dortmund at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night after a 1-0 defeat in the first leg, Felix was asked by a journalist how to correctly say his name.

Many English and Spanish fans incorrectly pronounce his name ‘Jow Fee-lix’ but the star revealed that it’s actually “Je-wow Feh-lix”.

“Everyone says ‘Fee-lix’, even in Spain, just in Portugal they say my correct name. I don’t know why, I don’t think it’s too hard,” Felix said.

When asked if the mispronunciation annoys him, Felix said: “Nah! I don’t care.”

Felix became the fourth most expensive footballer of all time when Atletico Madrid signed him from Benfica for £113m in 2019, but the youngster struggled for consistent form in the Spanish capital.

He had a rocky relationship with fiery Atletico manager Diego Simeone and so it was decided it would suit all parties if he went out on loan.

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