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I Don’t Fall In Love – Influencer Enioluwa

Nigerian influencer, Enioluwa Adeoluwa has revealed that he has never fallen in love.
The media personality spoke when he featured on Channels TV’s ‘The Morning Brief‘.
According to the 24-year-old digital content creator, he is not interested in relationships, adding that he does not “do love”.
“You are an exemplary person in the world and people would always want to reach out to you to learn from you and to talk to you. Of course, people do reach out, both genders,” he said.
“Generally, I do not think the way the world looks at it in the perspective of when you are famous, people always reach out to you to maybe ask you out. I do not think so, besides I do not even do love.”
He also debunked rumours of intimate relationships between himself and Priscilla Ojo or Hilda Baci, adding that they are “just friends”.
“Priscilla and I are very good friends, that one is sure. We are very good friends and we spend a lot of time together. Hilda and I are also friends and I think Hilda is also in a relationship, a public relationship,” he said.
“But Enilouwa is not in a relationship and he does not plan to have one‎.”

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