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Gunmen Abduct Groom And Family Members On Their Way To Kogi For His Wedding, Demand N250M Ransom

A groom and his family members have been abducted on their way to Kogi State for his wedding.

A family member of the bride, Serah Ibrahim, who disclosed this on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, said the kidnappers demanded N250m ransom.

“So my mum just told me that her cousin’s fiancé and all his family members have just been kidnapped on their way to Kogi for the wedding. The kidnappers are asking for N250 million. Thank you Nigeria for the amazing security you’re providing for your citizens. Merry Christmas,” she wrote.

In an update on Wednesday afternoon, December 27, she said the abductors released the victims after payment of ransom.

“Ransom negotiated and paid. They have now been released. The entire family have now been allowed to go. Nigeria is such a disgraceful country. A big shame.”

She added that there is a security checkpoint where the kidnappers collected the ransom money paid in dollars.




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