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Eniola Ajao Reveals How She Nearly Harmed Herself Over Fake News

Nollywood actress, Eniola Ajao has said she once tried to harm herself because of a fake news written about her.
She opened up during an interview with The Tribune Newspaper.
The actress revealed she almost poisoned herself after fake news was published about her.
According to her, she starved herself for seven days which got the people around her including her sister and son very worried. She however did not mention the fake news that was published about her.
In her words;
“I almost poisoned myself because there was something about me that was put online. The news about me was far from being true. I didn’t eat for like seven days, and people that were around me can testify to this. I couldn’t go anywhere. This was around the same time when I was planning my movie. My sister, my son, everyone was calling me because the story came from nowhere and I felt terrible.”

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