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DJ Kaywise Confirms Girlfriend’s Allegations That His Twin Brother Was Involved In Plot To Allegedly Abduct Her

Popular Nigerian disc jockey, Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki aka Kaywise has taken to Instagram to confirm an allegation made by his girlfriend, Nenny B, that his twin brother and former employees attempted to abduct her.

Recall on Sunday, August 13, journalist Nenny B posted videos on Instagram alleging that her boyfriend’s ex-workers attempted to kidnap her.

In the video recorded from inside her home, the men were seen strategically positioned outside her house supposedly waiting for her to step out of her home.

According to her narration in the video, she was supposed to pick up a package she was expecting from a dispatch rider, thankfully her boyfriend Ayorinde Okiki aka Dj Kaywise was around at the time and offered to help pick the package.

The alleged perpetrators; Abraham Losa, Tobi Chukwu, and even Kaywise’s twin brother, were captured in the video, evidently disgruntled that their alleged plan fell through after Kaywise came out to pick up the package.

Taking to his Instagram on Thursday, August 17, Kaywise confirmed her allegations.

“It’s incredibly disheartening that my twin brother is involved in this situation. However, as a child of God, I must be honest with myself. As an eye witness to the saga I firmly believe that their visit to Nenny’s house had no good intention and would have put her life at risk.

If they were genuinely concerned about my well-being, they’ve had over the course of 3 years to engage with the police either by filing a missing person report or by initiating a potential kidnapping case.

Seeing that everyone was keeping quite about this slanderous allegations against Nenny, I provided her with evidence to clarify to the world that my family doesn’t have problem with her. And the blog is just a liar, cause I am sure none of my family members can say otherwise to my face.

Public Disclaimer: I have disassociated my self from the people in the cctv footage 3 years ago, they do not represent me or my company. Deal with them at your own risk. For any inquires send an email to my company. I humbly apologise to Nenny and her entire family plus well wishers for this mess and I promise this would never happen again.

I will be giving my full cooperation to the police to get to the root of everything.



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