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Carter Efe: “I was accused of ripping off Young Duu despite spending nearly N15 million on his project.”

Famous comedian Carter Efe has disclosed that he paid around N15 million to market his song “Oyinmo,” which he co-wrote with Young Duu, a former Zeh Nation signee.

Remember that after Carter Efe performed the song “Oyinmo” by himself, Young Duu had earlier said that Efe was taking advantage of him and ripping him off.

Carter Efe disclosed that he invested a staggering N15 million to support the project’s success in a recent episode of Spill With Phyna.

He added that he kept 30% of the song for Young Duu and 10% for the producer, keeping the remaining 60% for himself.

Did the sharing percentage look awful to him?

responses to the assertion made by Carter Efe that Young Duu’s project cost N15 million;

“U” stated official_val09.

official_val09 said: “U be thief 60%😢u really rip de guy”

olu_flex noted: “As long as na the agreement everybody sign be that. Nothing concern anybody”

lilwood_official penned: “U say u give producer wetin???😂😂😂This guy is not serious”

cyndy__mma wrote: “Only you 60 percent? You are a business man sha and not a musician.”

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