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Asake is chastised by Solomon Buchi for demeaning Christianity in the “Only Me” video.

Popular Nigerian writer and social media personality Solomon Buchi has joined other Nigerians in criticizing popular musician Asake for his latest “Only Me” music video.

Parts of Asake’s most recent video were leaked this week; Asake, whose true name is Ahmed Ololade, has drawn criticism from Christians for allegedly demeaning Christianity.

The Grammy-nominated performer performed a sacrament-like act alongside men and women who were dressed similarly in the worship house in the film, which featured her wearing a priestly gown.

Before dollars were sprayed after a while, he appeared to be serving the group of men and women in the robes as a priest, providing them with supplies that were as valuable as gold.

Buchi responded to the video on Instagram, calling the way she performed in the video—which has nothing to do with Christianity—”disrespectful.”

“Asake consistently disregards Christianity in his music videos. It is insulting to dramatize the Eucharist while dressed in priestly regalia for a music video that has nothing to do with Christianity, according to Buchi.

“In his Bandana film, he shows strange individuals being topped by cloven tongues of fire while black goats storm into the chapel. I believe Asake to be a Muslim. Why does he not do more in this way to make his Muslim faith look bad?

“Why ever listen to these openly disrespectful musicians who are Christians?

The way these musicians utilize Christianity as a prop in their music videos grosses me out. It is still there for visual purposes after that.

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