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As she approaches her 27th birthday, Dorathy Bachor writes, “A letter to my 26th.”

As she anticipates her 27th year on earth, reality TV personality Dorathy posted a letter to her 26th year on Instagram.

Dorathy wrote a lengthy article in which she celebrated turning 26. The businesswoman, who will turn 27 tomorrow, thanked God on November 4 for advancing her in life.

She mentioned that she had overcome obstacles, setbacks, and problems. She nevertheless had a fantastic year. She also anticipates the outcomes of her 27th birthday.

In her words:

“A letter to my 26th,

Hey,look We made it.
we survived the challenges and setbacks.
We fought hard and God stood by us.
We won many times and we had a blast together 🫶🏾
Thank you for such an amazing year, thank you for the people you brought into my life, the opportunities and love we shared.
Please tell 27 to be more graceful, tell her to bring blessings and more happiness just like you did ❤️

Birthday countdown 🥳🥳”

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