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Actress Chizzy Alichi writes, “I Love You Forever,” while spending Valentine’s Day with her husband.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, popular Nigerian actress Chizzy Alichi shared romantic pictures of herself and her spouse on Instagram.

She promised her spouse she would always love him in her first post.

She said that she is a lover girl and that she would be showering everyone in love today in a follow-up post.

“Happy Valentine’s Day from me and mine,” she said. ❤️ My baby, you have my undying love, now and forever. To all of us, happy Valentine’s Day 🥂

“Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m a lover girl, in love, and I’m spreading plenty of love today❤️ #happyvalentinesday”

“His masterpiece is eternal. I’m so fortunate ❤️ I look beautiful when I’m happy. #happyme #happyvalentinesday, my dears, and happy Valentine’s Day.

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