Friday, August 7, 2020

The opportunities for independent artists have never been greater. Can’t thank social media enough to make the life of an independent artist rather workable than ever before.

The question arises, why do you need a record label?

Why would you sign a record deal that favors the label more than the artist you ask for? Some of the reasons for this may be inadequate instruction, under confidence, indifference or financial constraints.

Here are some of the reasons why an independent artist has an advantage over a licensed artist.


As an independent artist, you have complete control over your career. Creativity is the most important thing for every musician’s career.

You have complete control of your career as an independent artist. Creativity is the most important thing for every musician’s career.

An independent artist has complete control over the direction and creative content of his music. We can explore lyrical content and new musical styles that have been removed from the mainstream. As an artist, take the opportunity to express yourself in your lyrics and your own individuality in your music.

If you’re successful, the brands will start offering you a deal where they’ll put a lot of cash on you, but in exchange they want a portion of your market share. Usually, good things don’t come from this, because they’re the ones who would turn your originality into garbage just to sell it.

However, unlike major labels, there is no obligation for an independent artist to abandon his interests in lieu of finding chart success.


Being associated with a major label helps you to adhere to the deadlines; your music is determined by corporate expectations.

Whereas, as an independent artist, you are your own bosses. You set your own work schedule. Your contract will never stop if you run out of money or Idea’s.

This is one of the main reasons that indie artists like to remain independent. You don’t have to sell out what makes the company the most of your money. You can do whatever you want, and you can do whatever you want.


Without a label, any profit from things like album sales goes right into your wallet. Signing with any major label means that the artist is not in a position to retain ownership or even creative control over their music.

The benefit of owning copyrights is that you can control how much of the royalties any person who has taken part in the track will get.

It comes in the form of determining how much of the material is to be published. Most record deals allow the company to manage the rights of the original work of the artist.

To give up copyright means to give up the ability to control how much you do.

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