Friday, August 7, 2020

Juice WRLD  not only had several drugs in his blood when he passed away, but authorities found other loose pills on him — and according to the autopsy, his girlfriend described in stark detail his final moments.

Cook County Medical Examiner released its report which includes details on drugs in his system. As we first reported, Juice’s cause of death was an accidental overdose of Oxycodone and codeine. Both were at extremely high levels in his blood.

The report also says he had Promethazine and Naloxone. Promethazine is an ingredient in codeine cough syrups — commonly used to make lean — but on its own can be used to treat nausea. The Naloxone is the active ingredient in Narcan, which is used to counteract opioid overdoses.

Juice received several doses of Narcan that morning. Police say someone in Juice’s crew told paramedics on scene they’d already administered it once, nasally. Authorities say he was bleeding from the mouth and nose when paramedics arrived.

During transport in the ambulance, Juice stopped breathing … according to Chicago Fire Department. They tried CPR and more Narcan. When that didn’t work, they tried another 2 MG Narcan treatment.

Juice’s girlfriend, Alicia Leon, told authorities at Midway Airport that he had “let out a gasp and collapsed to the ground” as FBI agents searched his bags. As you know, they eventually found 70lbs of marijuana in several suitcases aboard the private jet.

Alicia also told cops on scene Juice had NOT been complaining of any illness prior to the seizures — but she also said he’d been struggling with a Percocet addiction for the last year. As we reported, police say others on the plane had told them Juice hurriedly  swallows seeveral Percocet pills when FBI agents first boarded the plane.

Aside from the massive marijuana stash, the report says a nurse also found 9 Oxytocin pills on Juice. That sounds odd, especially to anyone who’s had a baby. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring pleasure hormone in the body, but is commonly administered to induce labor.

We’re thinking it’s a typo made at the hospital, and they actually meant the powerful opioid painkiller, OxyContin. We’ve got a call into the M.E.’s Office.

One other detail — Juice WRLD was wearing black nail polish with a white cross on both of his middle fingernails.

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