Friday, August 7, 2020

The fighting temptation actor is having a really tough time and this time his gf who was with him in on a night out in a Florida Bar got pissed at him for something which caused a scene at the bar.

In video obtained by TMZ, you can see Claudine talking to Cuba at the bar … getting super close to his face and telling him something that seems to get her worked up.

While Cuba remained stoic in the convo … Claudine lost her s*** and knocked over at least one shot glass from the bar. Then, she cleared the deck of whatever else was on there.

It’s unclear what they were arguing over, but eyewitnesses tell us Claudine was removed from the bar after she got aggressive with security. As for Cuba’s side of things … his attorney, Mark Heller, tells us she got a “little overly playful” while partying with her beau.

Cuba’s been accused of sexual misconduct by several different women, for which he’s now facing criminal charges relating to at least a few of them, and some incidents were even allegedly caught on camera. He’s pled not guilty to all counts.

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