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36 People Killed As Heavy Rain Causes Flooding And Landslides In Brazil

In what will come across as a really startling development, as many as 36 people have been killed in Brazil.

They were killed after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Brazil.

A seven-year-old girl was among the dead as rescue workers continue to look for victims and reconnect isolated communities in Sao Paulo state , authorities say.

The mayor of Sao Sebastiao, Felipe Augusto, said 50 houses had collapsed in the city due to the landslides.

Sao Paulo state government said rain in the region had surpassed 600mm (23.6in) in one day, one of the highest amounts ever in Brazil in such a short period.

Weather forecasts show heavy rains will continue in Sao Paulo’s coastal area, challenging rescue teams and raising the prospect of more confirmed deaths.

Sao Paulo state has declared a 180-day state of emergency for six cities after what experts described as an unprecedented, extreme weather event.

According to the weather forecast, heavy rains would continue to lash the coastal area of São Paulo, throwing a challenge to the civil defence and the fire department rescue teams.

São Paulo state government said precipitation in the region had surpassed 600mm, (23.6 inches) in one day, one of the highest amounts ever in Brazil in such a short period.

Felipe Augusto, the mayor of São Sebastião said: “Our rescue teams are not managing to get to several locations; it is a chaotic situation.”

He later added that there were dozens of people missing and that 50 houses collapsed in the city due to the landslides.

Mr. Augusto posted on social media several videos of widespread destruction in his city, including one of a baby being rescued by locals lined up on a flooded street.

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The ICAO council expelled Russia.

Due to its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been expelled from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) at the current United Nations General Assembly for aviation, which started last week in Montreal, Canada. 

Russia was removed from the United Nations Organization for Aviation’s top division after a democratic vote among member nations, marking the organization’s first expulsion of a nation from that position.

Russia refused to accept the election results after more than 170 nations cast ballots, calling for a new vote. However, the vast majority of nations declared the election to be free, fair, and conclusive. 

This change is viewed as a major turning point for the ICAO, where the status quo has been “constant” for the past 70 years. 

More than 190 nations are currently members of ICAO, a specialized organization of the United Nations established to establish global safety, environmental, and operational standards for commercial aviation.

Additionally, Russia won’t be allowed to fly to any European destinations, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which is in charge of assuring safety and environmental protection in air travel throughout Europe. 

Russia won’t take part in international aviation events, and their aircraft won’t be recognized safe enough to fly in the airspace of any ICAO member state.

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A majority of Americans now use iPhone Smartphones.

In one of the most recognizable technological images of the twenty-first century, Steve Jobs is shown holding the iPhone aloft while donning his trademark black turtleneck. Since its debut at the 2007 Macworld convention in San Francisco, the iPhone has developed into a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 1.2 billion handsets having been sold as of this writing.

Source: Visual Capitalist

The smartphone industry is currently a highly competitive one. 

iPhone has accounted for a solid 16% of the worldwide smartphone market. But in the US, the iPhone has succeeded in capturing more customers’ hearts and minds. According to recent information from Counterpoint Research and the Financial Times, iPhones now account for 50% of all installed users* in the United States. 

What makes this brand so well-liked when there are so many smartphone brands accessible to American consumers—many of them at lower price points?

The Apple of America’s Eye is the iPhone.

Numerous factors, according to experts, explain why the U.S. surpasses other markets for Apple’s main product. 

Of all the major smartphone manufacturers, Apple has the most brand loyalty. Nine out of ten iPhone users in the US want to buy an iPhone as their subsequent device. 

iPhones seem to lose value more slowly than other smartphones. 

In general, American consumers are less price sensitive than those in many other nations. 

Apple has been outspoken in its messaging about safeguarding user privacy and data, and it looks that this message is hitting home with customers. 

It’s worthwhile to delve deeper into this final point.

In conclusion , Apple has used its marketing clout to affect public opinion at a time when Americans are concerned about privacy, regardless of whether iPhone is more secure than other devices. And based on these most recent installed user base statistics, it seems that this tactic is working.

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Charles III takes his oaths and ascends to the throne.

During an elaborate ceremony at St James’ Palace in London on Saturday, Charles III swore an oath and was proclaimed king.

The Accession Council formally announced the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Charles III was crowned king shortly after that.

Before the documents were signed, about 200 people gathered in the room all said, “God save the King.” 

Flags that were lowered in mourning for the late Queen will be flown at half-mast for a short time, according to the BBC.

In his first address to the nation yesterday, the King pledged to emulate his “darling mama’s” life of service. 

The Queen, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, died peacefully on Thursday afternoon at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle.

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Why is Apple getting rid of physical SIM cards?

The days of performing microsurgery with a paper clip to extract a tiny SIM card from a small tray in your iPhone may be coming to an end. 

Apple revealed this week at its closely watched press event that it will no longer use physical SIM cards and trays on its new iPhone 14 lineup in the United States. In its place, the company is adopting eSIMs, a digital alternative.

A SIM card is a unique identifier in every cell phone that allows it to connect to wireless networks and text and call. An eSIM is a “embedded” SIM card, or one that is hardwired into the phone itself. People typically change their SIM cards when switching carrier plans or traveling internationally and wishing to use a different service provider. 

Apple first introduced eSIM support on iPhones in 2018, promising that it would make it easier for customers to activate their cellular plans and use multiple phone numbers and carriers on the same device. Apple is now doubling down on this feature by removing the infrastructure required to support physical SIM cards from the iPhone 14. 

“With eSIM, you can quickly transfer an existing cellular plan or get a new cellular plan, all digitally,” Apple’s VP of iPhone marketing, Kaiann Drance, said at the event Wednesday.

Drance also emphasized how eSIM cards can make devices “more secure,” noting that “if your iPhone is lost or stolen, someone can’t remove the physical SIM card.” 

According to the Federal Communications Commission, eSIMs provide “significant security benefits.” According to the federal agency, some bad actors have been known to steal a physical SIM card and swap it into a different phone to gain access to someone’s information and reset their accounts. Because it “cannot be stolen without stealing the phone,” an eSIM card may reduce this risk. 

In theory, removing the SIM card slot could provide another benefit: more room for larger batteries or other phone features. That’s no small feat for a company like Apple, which is constantly striving to make its products thinner. 

While the removal of the SIM card slot is not as divisive as Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack, it has sparked some debate on social media. 

Frequent international travelers, in particular, are accustomed to changing physical SIM cards in various locations and may visit locations where carriers do not yet support the use of eSIMs. In mainland China, for example, the iPhone 14 does not currently support eSIM.

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Amusan wins the Diamond League trophy and establishes a new record.

Tobi Amusan, a record-holder from Nigeria who finished in 12.29 seconds to successfully retain her Diamond League title, set a new record on Thursday. 

At the Diamond League in Zurich this year, she took first place in the women’s 100-meter hurdles. 

Following the winner, Kendra Harrison of the United States and Britany Anderson of Jamaica came in second and third, respectively. 

At the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the 25-year-old had won the gold medal in the women’s 100-meter hurdles in August. 

This came after she ran the hurdles record down in the semifinals of the World Athletic Championship in 12.12 seconds.

With her wind speed display in Eugene, Oregon, Amusan became the first Nigerian to win a gold medal at the championship. 

She also ran a 12:57 to defend her African championship title. 

Amusan has been a role model for female athletes both at home and abroad.

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As king, Prince Charles replaces Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Charles || image source: KOAT

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Thursday that Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history and an icon instantly recognizable to billions of people worldwide, has passed away at the age of 96. 

Charles, Prince of Wales, the oldest of her four children and the oldest heir apparent in British history at 73, succeeds her as monarch right away. 

Following the palace’s Thursday announcement that doctors were “concerned” for the queen’s health and that she remain under medical monitoring, the queen passed away. 

Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, all of whom are now in their sixties and seventies, came to her Scottish Highland home, Balmoral. 

Charles’s sons, Prince William and his estranged brother Prince Harry, joined them.

Liz Truss was selected as the 15th prime minister of her reign two days earlier by the queen, who was photographed grinning but appearing elderly and using a walking stick. 

One image from the encounter that showed a dark purple bruise on the monarch’s right hand caused concern.

Following World War II, Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne at the young age of 25 in 1952, entering a political world stage dominated by leaders such as US president Dwight D. Eisenhower, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong of China. 

Her 70-year rule coincided with enormous social, political, and technological change spanning two centuries. 

The final ruins of Britain’s extensive empire fell. At home, Brexit rattled her kingdom’s underpinnings while her family dealt with a string of scandals.

She was the monarch and head of state of 14 former British colonies, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and she maintained her popularity throughout. 

She also served as supreme ruler of the Church of England, the mother church of the global Anglican communion, and head of the 56-nation Commonwealth, which includes one-fourth of the world’s population. 

However, concerns will be raised about whether the British monarchy’s heyday has come to an end, how a centuries-old institution can survive in the present, and whether Charles will demand the same respect or rule in his mother’s shadow.

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Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Buckingham has announced not long ago that Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, died at the age of 96 at Balmoral, after reigning for 70 years. 

Her family gathered at her Scottish estate after health concerns arose earlier in the day. 

Since her accession to the throne in 1952, the Queen has witnessed enormous social change.

When the palace summoned all of Elizabeth’s children to her side, it was clear that the situation was dire. 

As it turns out, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in the UK for events this week. Harry went to Balmoral. 

Her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, will lead the country in mourning as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms following her death. 

Prince Charles is the next in line to the throne, according to the royal succession. He would be crowned King, and Camilla would be titled Queen Consort. 

While Charles is widely expected to be the next monarch… There has been speculation that he may abdicate, making his eldest son, Prince William, the new King of England. 

Queen Elizabeth is survived by her four children, eight grandchildren, and even more great grandchildren, not to mention many extended Royal family members from all walks of life. 

She was 96 years old.

Image source: The Associated Press

This story is being updated, and more information will be available soon.

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Remembering a NBA legend Kobe Bryant on his birthday

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23rd 1978. He earned his nickname ‘Black Mamba’ as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA legend would’ve been 44 years old today. He died in a helicopter crash on the 26th of January 2020.

Remains of the Helicopter after the crash

The helicopter crashed and caught fire in Calabasas, California, near the intersection of Las Virgenes Road and Willow Glen Street.

Kobe Bryant with the Former President of the United States of America Barrack Obama.
Kobe Bryant with his daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant who also died in the Helicopter Crash.
“Be yourself Be You.” Kobe Bryant