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“Babe, I Sold My Kidney To Buy You An iPhone 14 Pro Max,” Reply as a boyfriend who is fed up with the relationship.

You folks should take a break before coming after me; it’s only for fun. 

As of right now, I estimate that the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is somewhere about 1.8 million Naira. 

If a girl were to sell her kidney to acquire any guy an iPhone 14, that would indicate that she is willing to spend the rest of her life with him without restriction, but what would happen if he grew weary of the relationship? 

Guys, let’s keep this post as short as we can because I don’t want to say too much.

Imagine a female with whom you are in a relationship and who has already given you a parcel containing an iPhone 14 Pro Max and a letter that reads: 

Babe, What will you say when I tell you that I sold my kidney to get you this iPhone 14 Pro Max, I love you? 

Let’s get your opinion. 

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If no one marries you, what is your “Plan B”?

Discuss this! Each of us has own plans for the future. But marriage is the one that has many people thinking. 

Even though most people are reluctant to accept it, there is one Noun other than money that frequently causes depression in individuals. 

There is a man for every woman and a woman for every man, they supposedly said, but no Quote.

Imagine “Your girlfriend” Dey Canada doesn’t know you exist here in Nigeria, thus you won’t be able to get married. 

Have you ever considered what you would do if no one wanted to marry you?

Life is not as difficult as we may think. 

Personally, I believe that some young women would prefer to have my children even if they are unwilling to marry me in order to make money and begin being Sugar Daddies. 

Tell us??

What Would Be Your “Plan B” Should No One Marry You?


Can You Cuddle Naked Without Knacking?

Being held close in one’s arms as a sign of love or affection is known as cuddling. 

Cuddling is a common love language, but others prefer words, money, or even sex. 

I believe that a lot of individuals enjoy cuddling, whether it is their preferred love language or not. Describe your ability to cuddle naked with your partner without becoming exhausted. 

Do you think you’ll be able to control your arousal when you view your partner’s naked bodies, as most people do?

After several rounds of knacking, I cuddle naked! lol!. Perhaps when I’m exhausted, but if we haven’t completed “the do” by then, we must complete “the oh.” LOL. 

How about you? 

Is It Possible To Kiss Without Knacking? – Let’s speak. 

Let’s hear your opinions on this from everyone. 

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On the Blaze Relationship

What Relationship Belief Did You Once Have But No Longer Hold?

I’m an idealistic romantic. I enjoy giving and receiving affection. However, I am realistic enough to acknowledge that it is insufficient. 

I once believed that a relationship’s first love would result in marriage. 

I also used to think that only people in committed partnerships had sex, but now I realize that single people can enjoy more sex from various partners in committed relationships. 

In the end, those who are single are winning. 

I’ve always believed that maintaining the privacy of your relationship won’t force you to skip breakfast.

Now, I perceive things differently. Blazers, please! 

What is a relationship-related belief you once had but no longer do?

Entertainment News Relationship

A Man Displays a Pot of Soup His Girlfriend Prepared with N2,500.

A Nigerian man astonished his partner by cooking a whole pot of soup with the N2,500 he had given her to make stew. 

The startled man discovered a sizable pot of fish-filled soup as he entered the kitchen. 

He admitted in a TikTok video that he had earlier promised his partner N2,500 to prepare a straightforward stew for them to eat, only to discover that she had instead created a pot of delectable soup.

Additionally, the soup included a variety of fish, including Titus and others. He struggled to accept that the soup was cooked with N2,500 since it seemed impossible. 

He continued by inquiring about her source of funding for the soup because he was certain that the N2,500 he had given her was insufficient.

“I gave this girl 2,500 to make stew for me but getting to the kitchen I can see different types of fishes like Titus here. Na stew I dey expect oh. Where did she see money to cook this big pot of soup?” He said.


Money Is The Cheapest Gift Your Boyfriend Can Give You – Mary Remmy Njoku

The CEO of ROK Studios and founder of the ROK TV Channels, Mary Remmy Njoku, uploaded a post on Instagram that she said wouldn’t be comprehended by women “who think with their rent and latest iPhone.” 

Money is the lowest gift a woman can receive from her boyfriend, claims Mary Remmy Njoku. 

The director continued by saying that even if some people disagree with her, she is still at peace. 

She penned: “The cheapest thing your boyfriend can give to you is MONEY.

“Only ladies who don’t think with their ‘rent’ and the latest ‘iPhone’ will understand this.

“If you think I am wrong. Fine.”


Asking someone what they bring to the table is considered impolite?

If/when this question is posed by a partner, each person will respond in their own particular manner. 

Simply saying , it means bringing something to the table.

Offering a service or product that will be useful There are no set standards for what a man or woman should provide to a relationship because every relationship is unique.

In my opinion, it is not impolite to inquire about a person’s contribution to a relationship. 

When this question is posed, it does, however, depend on how the relationship is progressing.

What are your thoughts about this blazers?

Is it impolite to inquire about someone’s contributions? 

Please share your thoughts.


When someone apologizes, can you really tell if they mean it?

A changed character is the better apology, as the proverb goes. 

One of the most misused words in the English language is undoubtedly “sorry.” 

It can be challenging to determine when someone is sincerely sorry for their behavior, especially when tensions are high.

Genuinely contrite people never simply say, “I’m sorry,” without elaborating on their offense. 

We want for an apology when someone causes us harm, either physically or mentally.

Although it rarely, if ever, succeeds in solving the issue, an apology does. After all, saying “I’m sorry” demonstrates a desire to improve. 

How do you feel about this?


Can a man marry a very wealthy woman who wants him to take the role of the wife?

When someone is immensely wealthy, it signifies their wealth is enormous and they have unlimited resources.

Every man in Nigeria wants to be in charge of his home since, as they say, the man is the family’s head. It implies that he should be respected by his wife and children because he is the one who works to support and care for the family.

However, you find a woman who you would like to start a family with, but she wants you to be the man and doesn’t want you to work; she will do all the work and take care of everything. She will give you whatever you require, no matter how much. You only need to take care of the kids, the house, and the laundry.

So, what choice will you make? 

Can You Marry A Lady Who Wants You To Be The Man But Is Extremely Rich? 

Leave a comment below.


BE HONORABLE! Have You Ever Been Dumped By A Girl After Being Used By Her?

Used refers to being exploited by someone else for their personal gain. 

If you believe the connection is one-sided, this could be an indication that you are being used.

if the subject of the conversation is always her. If she continuously demands money from you in exchange for favors, but never expresses gratitude. 

You only engage in sexual activity with her when she requests it. Despite the fact that they are also having sex with her, some males won’t view it as being used.

Can a female really utilize a guy and then dump him? 

Have You Ever Been Dumped By A Girl After Being Used By Her? 

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