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Give the name of one upcoming artist who, in your opinion, ought to be getting attention right now.

First of all, I want you to be aware that Nigeria is home to a large number of outstanding up-and-coming musicians that produce music in a variety of genres. 

Pop, R&B, Raggae, Blues, Afrobeats, Rap, etc. are a few of these genres. 

Through their attire, songs, and way of living, these musicians portray the streets and the way of life there. 

Everyone has that one musician whose rhymes and flows can blow your mind, and you genuinely want they could be in the forefront of the Nigerian music scene. 

In the comments section below, you can tag or list them.

Entertainment News Old Stories

FLASHBACK!! How Davido left Wizkid intoxicated at the Island Bar with a bill for N500,000.

No wonder Wizkid dey always avoid Davido, Baba no fit forget wetin OBO do am. 

This incident happened far back as 2012.

So for you guys, here is the complete gist.

Although Davido may claim to be Wizkid’s “brother” and even deny that a conflict is developing between the two artists, insider sources indicate such is not the case. 

Before Davido’s meteoric rise to fame, he and Wizkid had never met, but that soon changed as Davido also became well-known and they were able to connect on a friendly level until sometime in May, when the amicable connection soured.

Wizkid apparently wasn’t having a great time while chilling at a hotel somewhere on the Island so he decided to call his friend, Davido, who at the time was hanging out with five other friends of his, according to an insider who is familiar with the pair and the origin of their no-love-lost relationship. The Omo Baba Olowo then gave his assistant the order to go pick up Wizkid from a hotel located behind the 1004 building on VI.

Before moving the celebration to Movida on Idowu Taylor, VI, Wizkid quickly joined Davido and his group of friends at a club in the civic center where they had a few drinks. 

While they were there, Wizkid had one too many drinks for the evening and Davido ordered some bottles of Hennessey for himself and two new friends who had joined them. As they drank, Wizkid grew tipsy and weak.

He was taken outside to Davido’s car, where he allegedly puked, right away. While abandoning his friend and coworker, Davido was nowhere to be found. 

As Davido had vanished into thin air and was under pressure to pay the bills, the bartenders eventually produced a bill for about N500,000. Davido’s assistant then took the bartenders to Wizkid’s house, where he was compelled to write them a check to cover their unpaid expenses.

Their relationship suffered as a result of this one-off action because Wizkid felt betrayed by Davido. Following the painful dissolution of Mo’Hits, their relationship had already been put to the test because both artists’ allegiances were split between Don Jazzy and D’banj. 

But it was when Davido was sending out invitations to guests for the launch of his O.B.O Album and he didn’t send any to Wizkid that would ultimately prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Additionally, to many people’s chagrin at the NEA two weeks ago in New York, Davido and his entourage allegedly sauntered out on a Wizkid performance.

Is it not clear that there is a problem between these two great stars after these occurrences, Davido’s denial, and Wizkid’s blatant silence in the face of all the “fighting” rumors? Could this be the time, from Wizkid’s perspective, when “quiet is golden”? Only time will tell. 

This Day is the source of this article. 

Will Wizkid ever be able to forgive Davido for what he did to him?

Old Stories

Old tales

This is Prophet Daniel Abodunrin, who was devoured by a Lion while attempting to recreate the Bible story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. 

He had performed numerous miracles prior to 1991, but in 1991, he decided to recreate the Bible story of Daniel, but he did not survive. 

Nigeria Stories is the story’s source.

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