Try These Childhood Games at Your Next Games Night

Not every time beer pong and truth or dare are played. Instead, try playing one of these childhood games. But let us assist you in modifying them to accommodate your adulthood back pain and sufferhead.


Who said your game night had to be held inside? Step outside in the middle of the night and start chasing each other down the street. That’s how you have a good time.


Allow people to put their fitness to the test by jumping from box to box on one leg. The loser is responsible for bringing food to the next games night.


Anyone who did not play this game as a child was missing out. For their sake, you must bring this back.

Hide and seek

This would be a lot more entertaining if you decorated your house to appear haunted. It creates atmosphere by incorporating elements from horror films. But don’t try it if your house is haunted and you frequently hear footsteps and whispers at night.

Musical Chairs

This game could actually benefit for a little violence when you think about it. When it’s down to two people dancing and dancing around a chair, give them boxing gloves and let the fight really begin.

Skipping (Rope)

Who won’t love a games night that’s dedicated to their fitness? You can take turns trying to see who gets to 100 skips first.

When will do do your wedding?

This should slap harder since you’re adults now. All the single people at the games night need to feel the heat of their status while playing this game.